4RSS is a FREE Component for Joomla! 1.5

4RSS is used to automatically create articles from RSS feeds. Although there are several other Joomla components that automatically post articles from RSS feeds, we could not find one that was able to handle the huge volume and speed that we needed for our own Joomla sites. Since we built this component for our own use, we decided to offer it for free to others.

Best Uses for 4RSS:

  • Supplement your original content with additional articles from a variety of RSS feeds
  • Make your Joomla site a "one-stop" destination for all info on a particular subject
  • Earn additional advertising revenue by having a lot of new articles
  • Improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your Joomla site by creating new articles that contain the "key-words" that are important to your sites SEO.
  • Add a news page to your Joomla site that only covers news on your sites topic using the keyword function of 4RSS
  • Create new content on hundreds or thousands of Joomla sites every day without even having to log-in to your websites

Download 4RSS Joomla Component Now (FREE!)

Features of 4RSS:

  • Unlike other RSS components, 4RSS actually creates permanent articles from RSS feeds
  • This component has been designed to be very simple in order to keep it fast and stable.
  • Component has been tested and designed to create 5,000 new "full content" articles a day from RSS feeds.
  • Import articles based on key word
  • Specify sections and categories for RSS articles to be posted to within Joomla.
  • Post article to front page optional
  • include link to original or no link to original article from the RSS feed
  • Powerful, and fast screening script prevents duplicate articles from being posted (optional)
  • Cronjob script available (Not Required)

Full Text Articles Available by RSS from 4RSS

In addition to providing the 4RSS component, we compile RSS feeds from a variety of locations that consist of the entire article and not just the summaries of articles. We will continue to add additional RSS feeds from a variety of locations so that our users have a large amount of content to add to their website using 4RSS or other components.

Download 4RSS Joomla Component Now (FREE!)



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